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UDCA's Initiatives

The UDCA has been assisting its members in sharing information on any drilling tender that has appeared in the news, papers. .

In addition the UDCA mitigates and facilitates in case there is a dispute between a drilling company and a client with regards to payments, unfair drilling contract conditions etcetera. .

The UDCA will also help the members to realise the timely and correct submissions required for the continuation of the drilling permits .

The UDCA also tries to create awareness of the various aspects of, and challenges faced by, the drilling sector. The UDCA participated already twice in the Uganda Water Week. .

The UDCA has also initiated a good working environment for the members and has acted as a platform for intense collaboration in terms of sharing knowledge, facilitating procurement and exchange of equipment and staff between member companies.



Stakeholders like NGOs, private sector companies, UN organisations and government entities often lack the thorough knowledge required to implement a drilling project efficiently. .


UDCA therefore strongly advises the potential clients of drilling companies to get advice from the UDCA already at an early stage in project planning. The UDCA can provide basic advice at no cost but can also provide a list of independent expert consultants that can guide potential clients of the drilling companies from the start till the end of project with the preparation of tender documents, siting and drilling specifications and drilling supervision. .



It is highly recommended for stakeholders to engage a member of the UDCA. .


By doing so the clients is assured of working with a professional company and in case of any challenge with a member company the client can always ask the UDCA to facilitate any challenge that may occur during the execution of the drilling project .